“Ben LeRoy is that rarest of things – an editor who understands his writers’ intentions even better than they do – which means he isn’t just an editor but an accomplice, a facilitator, and, at times, a magician. Working with Ben not only made Small Treasons a better book; it made me a better writer. His editorial guidance has been—and remains—one of the treasures of my writing life.”

MARK POWELL, author of Small Treasons


“Long story short, there are few individuals I’ve spent so little face-to-face time with who have had more of an impact on my life. From the notes on Ruthless that made all the difference in helping me get an agent and a Big Five publishing contract to serendipitously inspiring my stand-up comedy, I owe a lot to Ben LeRoy. He’s one of the good ones, you guys.”

CAROLYN LEE ADAMS, author of Ruthless


“Ben LeRoy gets writers. He knows story. He understands character and human connection. And most importantly, he goes with his gut. That’s how he built two successful publishing companies. That’s how he shepherds books like mine through the process of becoming the best they can be. The guy’s got vision. Ben LeRoy changed my life. If you’re smart, you’ll let him change yours.”

JOE NELMS, author of Formerly FingermanThe Last Time I Died


“I’ve been following Ben’s blogs since he was at Tyrus books, and when I found out he was offering editorial services, I JUMPED at the chance. I can’t think of anybody else who combines the experience of running a publishing company, a thorough understanding of the crime and thriller genre, an editorial background, and outstanding professionalism. His initial comments on my novel gave me the encouragement to finish it, and his editorial advice was invaluable. With his help, my book took on a polish and tightness that resulted in an offer from an agent. I absolutely believe that I’m an  agented author now due to Ben’s knowledge, kindness, and willingness to give every project his all.”



“Ben is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and beyond generous. His articulation of elements (both strong and weak), and ability to plainly assess character, arc and prose helped me see my own words through a clear lens. It is my estimation that this is the biggest gift a writer can receive. I can’t recommend him enough.”