Free Publishing Consulting

Are you looking to start a publishing company, but have no idea where to start or a whole lot of questions?

I will gladly donate (free of charge) consulting time to anybody who is looking to start a publishing company dedicated to telling the story of marginalized/under represented communities. If you’re thinking about it or already on the way, I’m ready to help out. You can send an email to

My relevant experience:

  • Founder and Publisher of Bleak House Books (2000-2009). Started the company and then sold it to a larger publisher (Big Earth Publishing) in 2005 where I continued to serve as the publisher.
  • Founder and Publisher of Tyrus Books (2009-2017). I left Bleak House Books after a disagreement with ownership. They wanted to transition to an ebook only model and I love paper books. Sold Tyrus Books to F+W Media in the spring of 2011 and continued in my role as publisher. F+W Media sold Tyrus Books to Simon & Schuster in late 2016 where I continued as publisher until Simon & Schuster folded Tyrus Books into their Gallery imprint, effectively closing Tyrus.
  • Executive Director of the Independent Publishers Caucus (2018-2019). I worked with the Independent Publishers Caucus to help identify challenges and solutions for independent publishing houses in today’s market.

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